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Avalanche Networks, a trade name of Avalanche Search Marketing Inc., is a search engine optimization company based just outside of London, Ontario, with clients as far away as San Diego, California. Founded in 1999, our mission is to get our clients' websites found on the first page of major search engines for phrases that their potential clients are most likely to use in Internet searches.
NOTE: In 2006, Avalanche Networks ceased being a publicly traded company on the TSX Venture Exchange. The public entity is now known as Oroandes Resource Corporation, a mining company, and is unrelated to Avalanche Networks.
Everything, it seems, is done on the computer these days. Advertisements in newspapers, telephone directories, magazines and on signboards get the message across, but do not necessarily connect with the target audience. These days, someone who is actually looking for a certain service or product will immediately look to Internet search engines such as Google and Yahoo for answers, where placement on the page takes priority over size or graphics. This is where Avalanche comes in -- using effective, tested methods to improve the search engine placement for our clients.

Our general agreement is simple. We agree to get our client's site found on the first page of at least one of the top two search engines (Google and Yahoo), for half of the agreed-upon target keywords. Until this placement is achieved, the client pays just 50% of the already-competitive monthly fee. Also, if placement subsequently drops below this minimum placement commitment, billing reverts back to that 50% rate until placement is restored. This structure ensures that we always have incentive to get you excellent search engine placement -- and keep you there!

Below are a few examples of our clients, and the placement we have helped them to achieve on the major search engines (Results valid as of March 24, 2014):

Canadian Hockey Enterprises
Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

For the term:
Boys Hockey Camps
#1 in Google
#1 in Yahoo
Abba Pump Parts
Burlington, Ontario, Canada

For the term:
Worthington Wastewater Pumps
#1 and #2 in Google
#1 and #2 in Yahoo
Patrick Rocca, Bosley Real Estate
Toronto, Ontario

For the term:
Leaside Real Estate
#1 in Google (PatrickRocca.com)
#1 in Yahoo (LeasideHomes.com)
King City Dental
King City, Ontario

For the term:
King City Dentist
#1, 2 and A (map) in Google
#1 in Yahoo

You could have results like these!

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